Challenges Within AP Departments

records management for APIn todays business, running an efficient company is more than making a great product. Huge losses in efficiency are slowing down departments and wasting valuable employee time.

The account payable department is one of these department, as they are heavily based on physical paper related in invoices and accounts receivables. Storing huge stacks of boxes filled to the top with old invoices is not the best way to manage these records, and when a file is not located quickly, employees simply resort to printing multiple copies as a temporarily fix.

Have you seen these challenges within your AP department?

  • Physical invoices are sent to incorrect person or payer
  • Mismanaged invoices results in late fees or missed early payment discounts
  • Mailroom slows down the transfer of records to the AP department
  • Employees cannot access or control the records they need to process payments efficiently

No doubt you have seen or heard these types of challenges within your office. The good news is that there are proven solutions that can help slash wasted time and effort, and we can help.

The Path To Streamlining Accounts Payable Processing

ap processing solutionsWhy fight with lost paper and confusing copies when our team can help streamline your AP and AR department processing. From mailroom automation to archiving vendor records, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at your current process, then contact us today and let’s start the conversation. With our wide range of document management solutions, we have a a variety of ways we can help cut costs and get your department back on track.

The value of information your collecting changes over time. This means that records change value in terms of how and why they are stored. As an example, having immediate access to vendor invoices during the payment cycle is important for taking advantage of early payment discounts. Once that invoice has been paid, keeping those records on a retention and destruction period should not be burdened down by expensive storage methods.

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