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construction records managementBeing in the construction industry, you know  that the passage of California’s SB-800 Construction Defect law in 2003 was intended to provide a fair and equitable means of solving home construction disputes between homeowners and developers.

Unfortunately, like with so many well-intended laws there are loopholes and clauses that protect certain special interests at the expense of others. In the case of SB-800, lawyers and HOA’s are protected far more than developers and contractors.

In sum, the prosecuting law firms make the process so expensive as they seek to extract large settlements from insurance companies which provide coverage for the developers and contractors.

Importantly, they are not given the opportunity to repair a defect before litigation is initiated.

Additional Challenges

If SB-800 is to have any chance of working as intended, then developers and contractors must keep detailed files of their work for more than 10 years. The files must be complete and contain information and contracts that many small developers and contractors simply overlook or do not have the overhead available to handle the onerous document retention requirements.

The Solution

ArchiveIT to the rescue. ArchiveIT can provide the safe box and/or online secure Cloud storage with easy access and retrieval capability. Furthermore, ArchiveIT provides the administrative help needed to insure that your files are complete and ready for legal inspection. We do this by providing proven solutions, such as:

  • Record Scanning
  • Cloud Based Retention
  • Box Storage Solutions
  • Electronic Document Management
  • And More…

This means a low cost, easy to implement solution that saves time and thousands of dollars in the event of the almost certain legal action that will be brought against even the best construction project.

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