Controlling Employee Records

hr records solutionsKeeping track of the latest employee files and records can overwhelm a human resources department. Due to the sensitive nature, these records need to be controlled, but still be accessible to the right people within your business.

Using a locked file cabinet or file room only leads to more wasted time and isn’t the real solutions. Wish there was a human resources solution that could handle the entire lifecycle of your candidate and employee files? ArchiveIT can help.

We offer a wide range of records management solutions, designed to help your organization:

  • Secure employee files using secure, cloud based solutions
  • Allow you HR team to access only the records they need
  • Scan physical resumes and the paper HR records
  • Audit and track access to important files
  • Document destruction for end of file cycles

These are just a few examples of how our knowledge and solutions can enhance the profitability of your human resources functions.

We Know Records Management

human resources doc managementWith a long history of helping clients control and manage important records, we have the answers to your document management questions. Why struggle with expensive, physical box storage that eats up your budget when we can provide your department with cost effective alternatives other companies have benefitted from.

And for those clients interested in digitizing paper into electronic format, we have the process in place to securely and accurately convert your physical records in a safe, compliant manner.

We know how important your HR records are, and using the right process, solutions and partner is key to getting the most out of document management technology.

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