Managing Legal Records

legal records managementDoes managing  your legal files and contracts keep you up at night? Are you tied down with paper records that have been stored in the file room for years, or worse, stuck in some storage companies warehouse that charges outrageous fees each month?

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, we can help. At ArchiveIT, we help companies manage their legal records and contracts in a way that streamlines information research, but yet provides secure access to those people in your organization that need access.

This means that your time can be spend on being a legals specialist rather than hunting for missing records or wasting resources printing multiple copies of paperwork.

Streamline Your Legal Department

To streamline your legal department, your team needs access to essential information across multiple business processes, and this access should be on-demand,within seconds. When legal files are not accessible, or it’s a challenge to locate current versions of files, huge risks and productivity issues can effect the companies bottom line.

Why struggle with digging through boxes being held in warehouses that simply charge you fees to hold boxes? We have proven solutions that will give your entire legal team the secure access they need to complete tasks on time.

Here are a few services we offer that can help:

  • Box storage exit strategy to lower storage costs
  • Electronic file management for secure, ease of access
  • Conversion services for paper to digital format
  • And more…

Benefits You Can Gain

Managing your records using the right solution has massive benefits you can expect. Can you imagine having access to your case files and eliminating paper based filling fees? How much would your office benefit if legal records could be found in seconds by simply searching for related keywords associated case, client name or matter?

If your ready to start collaborating and using information with the right partner, we’re here to help. Simply contact us to get the conversation going, we look forward to learning more about your processes.

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