Streamlining Your Manufacturing Business Processes

manufacturing document managementAs a manufacturer, you know that timelines and efficiency are key to staying profitable. Your facility may use state of the art manufacturing processes, while your physical records and document management holds you back. Stop wasting time, money and employee effort on chasing the paper trail in today competitive market.

Have you run across these types of scenarios in your day to day business:

  • Lost or missing sales orders due to mishandling records
  • Wasting resources by printing additional copies of files
  • Misplaces invoices that slow down payment discounts
  • Increased order fulfillment time with manual order processing

If your manufacturing facility still moves information around manually, our team can help you slash those costs and dramatically increase productivity.

Key Problems We Solve

records management for manufacturersAs experts in the records storage and document management industry, we can put a plan together that will resolve those pain points related to manual processing.

Tired of paying outrages fees simply to store your files in a warehouse? Looking for a better way to share records than simply making multiple paper copies for everyone? We have the answers your facility has been looking for.

From box storage solutions to document scanning, here are a few services we provide to the manufacturing industry:

Scanning: We can digitize your physical paper into digital format

Records Storage: Let’s put an exit strategy together and free you from expensive box storage fees

Cloud Based Solutions: Securely access and protect your files in the cloud

File Retention: Shred records on a designated timeline to protect your company & lower costs

Ready For The Next Step?

If your company has these types of challenges, our team would be more than happy to listen. Please contact us and lets start the conversation on how these issues are talking up valuable resources.

Better yet, we can share some real world solutions that will help your manufacturing organization run even smoother than before. Please call us at 866-923-9837 to learn more