The Challenge For Property Management & HOAs

home owners association recordsControlling and accesing records can easily overwhelm your office by the sheer amount of data you’re forced to deal with. From copies of property files to vendor invoices, housing these records manually can quickly become a headache.

From large corporate retail management to apartment community controllers, the common challenges are related to staying ahead of the data and physical paper in a way that streamlines the day to day operations without becoming burdensom.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Overwhelming amount of property records taking up valuable office space
  • Inability to locate and control access to HOA or vendor files
  • Unable to determine how long and what records to keep
  • Retaining client records indefinitely out of fear or litigation

If you hear these types of conversation in your office, or said them yourself, we have the answers you need to get the problem solved.

Solutions That Make Sense

property management solutionsWhy struggle with these issues alone, when our experts can help. Our team can share successful solutions that have worked for our other clients, saving them massive amounts of time.

Putting proven systems in place will allow your team to focus on property management, not paper management.

Do you rely on looking for records in the company warehouse? Stop wasting valuable time hunting for copies of contracts or paying a massive records storage bill every month. Simply contact us today to learn more about removing these business inefficiencies.

Our solutions include records management services, such as:

  • Box storage exit strategy to lower your monthly bill
  • Document scanning to convert paper records into digital files
  • Cloud based document management for secure, 24/7 access to records
  • Record destruction and file shredding
  • And more…

The Next Step

Are you interested in learning what solutions can help you property management company or Home Owners Association? Please feel free to reach out to us, we would be more than happy to learn about your specific needs.

Please call us today at 866-923-9837, we can help you though your records management journey.