Advanced Capture

Software that adapts to you

PSIGEN Software, Inc., is an innovative developer of document capture, business process automation and document management solutions.

For more than two decades, PSIGEN has provided software to improve processes around the capture and management of paper, digital documents and other mission- critical information.

PSIGEN’s solutions focus on cost reduction, compliance and improved ef ciency for any organization. The company’s products are designed to provide industry-leading exibility and scalability, allowing for integration with any type of scanning device, fax server,  MFP or network folder.

Users have the ability to organize information in PSIGEN’s PSIsafe document management and work ow solution, or one of 60-plus supported third-party content management systems.

What Does PSIGEN Do?

Simply put, every business wants to be more efficient, and we excel at making that happen. We offer software solutions that significantly reduce the workload of most office workers who regularly process documents and data. It works with practically any information system, such as document management, records management or line of business systems.

These scalable solutions work in nearly any sized company and virtually every vertical market or specialty. Leveraging the technology we offer, along with the technology commercially available in the cloud, these are truly scalable with very prompt paybacks.

PSIGEN’s advanced document capture and data extraction technologies were developed with the real needs of businesses in mind. PSIcapture and PSIsafe allow businesses to avail themselves of their information—from physical documents, digital files or emails, and even incoming faxes—by automatically extracting the important information, converting the documents to searchable PDF’s, and quickly routing it all to where it is needed.

The automated extraction of data from documents, and the movement of that data into any system, such as your ERP, CRM or Document Management system will save your individual staff members several hours each week.

The PSIGEN solution becomes a force multiplier and will allow them to focus on the more critical parts of their jobs, essentially giving them their jobs back. The end results also include you, or your company, deferring the next new hire to a later date and to do more with your current staff.

Document Management

PSIsafe is an advanced content management and business process automation solution that offers a centralized repository where all documents are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of filing cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives. Access – and use – any document, anywhere, anytime.

Call up a file in a client meeting. Approve an invoice from the production floor. Review a proposal in the airport lounge. With PSIsafe, you’re always connected.

Access client information during an off-site meeting or collect a legal signature from your phone or tablet, PSIsafe lets your work the way you want to with a centralized repository where all documents are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of filing cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives.

Questions About Advanced Capture?