Paying over $350 bucks for offsite record storage?

box-storage-alternativeIf so, you’re paying too much and we we can help you save. In fact, most of our client are able to save up to 40% immediately after signing up with our proven solution.

Here’s how it works…we pick up your records, clean and close your unit, barcode index and shelve boxes. When you need a file, we pull it and prep it, then send to your private cloud. With 100% dashboard reporting and proactive shred compliance included, you’ll never have to go offsite for a file.

Imagine the all of the time and effort your company will save once your records are more secure, more accessible and with better reporting and compliance.

Transition Bundle Features

Digital Archive
10,000 pages picked up, then indexed and scanned for you
Box Storage
We store up to 200 boxes, which are proactively managed so you can close your storage unit and gain valuable office space
Unlimited Users
Provide secure, cloud based access to your entire team and start retrieving records faster than ever
Complete Overview
Includes cloud based reporting and dashboard to monitor your system, the files can even be exported when your ready

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