Digital Mailroom Automation

Why Choose To Partner With ArchiveIT?

Under Pressure to Stay Digital?

We know now more than ever it is important to stay digital and evolve with the current pandemic. Whether you have employees working remotely from different locations or are just looking to eliminate paper, we’re here to help. With our digital mailroom service, we will help you ditch the paper, accelerate your processing, and operate at peak performance!

The Process Timeline

Daily PO Box Service

Pick up mail once a day at local PO box location. The estimated daily pick up time is 10:30 am. Mail will be picked up by a uniformed ArchiveIT employee. Bulk mail will be brought directly back to ArchiveIT production facility in Torrance CA. Envelopes will be batched and logged. Date of pick up, along with the number of envelopes picked up for that day. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reporting provided.

Open Mail / Prepare for Scanning

We will use a combination of machine and manual letter opening methodologies. Documents are prepared for scanning. Envelopes included in scanning. Staples and or post in notes will be removed/reassigned to accommodate for clear image capture. Bar Code Separator sheets will be inserted before and after each mail piece.

Digital Conversion

Items are electronically scanned for high-speed document processing. Images will be scanned at 300 DPI.

Image Upload

Images are securely uploaded to clients daily. Images are encrypted in-flight and decrypted for image processing.

Archiving & Backup

After the conversion process, physical documents are archived and retained for 60 days. Documents are then destroyed via secure document destruction/shredding. Electronic images will also be saved for 60 days from processing, then purged from our servers.

Exception Handling

From time to time exception handling will be required to handle outlier documents, processes, and situations. Exceptions will be notated, reported, and ArchiveIT will be notified. An example would be any correspondence not belonging to this process que will be logged, and sent to the city for processing. We could also send back to the sender should that be required.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting will be provided that will show daily pick up volumes, page counts, and uploads.




Faster processing of inbound mail and quicker response times can help improve service quality, and customer satisfaction. Let us handle that a you can focus on what’s important. Running your business!


Significantly reduce mailroom management costs and equipment and keep paper out of your process. We’re here to help you go digital!


By digitalizing the mailroom, ArchiveIT can help companies prepare for wider digital transformation and innovation. The great news is, we can help you with that too!


We offer analytics to help you track performance, jobs delivered, and keep your information organized and easily accessible.


(HIPAA, DBO/DRE, WORM) compliance and security features to ensure your data is safe and secure.