HIPAA Compliant Scanning, Shredding, & Access to Charts

How it Works for Healthcare

Clinical and administrative staffs have more worthwhile things to do than chase paper and guesses due to missing or late information can cost lives and resources. A full range of HIM record management consulting services can be integrated with a client solution to improve workflow, reduce operating expense and maximize the availability of information throughout the client organization.

ArchiveIT can provide onsite scanning personnel for any scale in-house or 3rd party scanning and imaging platforms.

Document Scanning

Documents are picked up, scanned, shredded, or recycled per customer request. All scanning and shredding is done in HIPAA Compliance.

Box Storage

Retention level compliance and departmental segregation. Only store what you need for how long you need it by department level.

Remote Access to Files

Files are stored in a HIPAA compliant document management system. You can access all your files remotely within minutes of them being uploaded.

We Are Here to Help

Healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with paperwork and the struggle to keep up with daily filing.  Medical records are protected, and are held to the strictest levels of document security, and providers are now more accountable than ever for the proper management of these records, regulated by HIPAA.

Most healthcare facilities already have records management technologies in place.  We are here to help you bridge the gap so you no longer have to manage any paper in your process.

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