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Saving time and money is a concern for just about every business in today’s market. When partnering with ArchiveIT, you gain the advantage and experience of working with the leader in digital archiving.

Our initial focus was in Escrow and Real Estate, solving the difficulties our clients had managing their files. Due to the overwhelming request for our services from CPAs and Lawyers who work with the Real Estate Industry, we expanded our service offering even further.

Below are several industries we have helped transition to secure cloud document storage.

Industries We Serve


Once a loan is funded, escrow companies are responsible for retaining those records for a mandated length of time. Rather than take up valuable office space or pay for monthly box storage fees, ArchiveIT gives forward-thinking escrow agencies a more efficient and proactive solution.

We provide escrow companies with secure scanning, data entry and cloud access for the entire life of the documents. With unlimited access and no hosting fees, you can see why we have become the leader for escrow digital archiving solutions
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Law firms and their clients have a barrage of legal compliance to manage, and comply with as legal documents require the utmost confidentiality, care, and security. We’ve helped many law firms and can to partner with your organization to eliminate records management cost completely.

With ArchiveIT on your side, file management can give you an edge that would include better client service, instant document searchability, and “best practice” security.
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Clinical and administrative staffs have more worthwhile things to do than chase paper and guesses due to missing or late information can cost lives and resources. A full range of HIM record management consulting services can be integrated with a client solution to improve workflow, reduce operating expense and maximize the availability of information throughout the client organization.

ArchiveIT can provide onsite scanning personnel for any scale in-house or 3rd party scanning and imaging platforms.
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Financial & Banking

From deposits to loan applications and monthly statements, the financial industry is one of the most paper-intensive verticals around. Not only do they create their own records, but the process of adding and acquiring new clients creates a massive paper trail that must be secured.

If your financial organization need secure, yet flexible access to records, we can help without breaking the bank. Stop spending on static box storage when we can provide easy access to records in a manner that only gives the right access to the right people.


Building homes should not have to include worrying about a storage room full of records. When the construction industry needs help with digital archiving and simple and secure cloud access to their files, they turn to ArchiveIT. With a proven track record of success and the right tools, we are the right document management partner for your building and construction company.

We can put a plan in place that provides online access to records and helps with document retention at the end of their life-cycle. For nearly two decades we have been helping companies to streamline their paper process and free them from static record storage costs.

Human Resources

In most organizations, the human resources departments maintain a large amount of private information. These are confidential records include details, such as employee files, compensation packages, tax information and medical files. This private information needs to stay protected, but yet accurately archived so that only the right people have access.


The manufacturing industry is packed with paper, which means that multiple steps are slowed down by physical data processing and information gathering. In order for manufacturers to stay competitive in today’s business world, digital record management and data processing need to be implemented using the right tools. From the ordering process to invoices and client management, there are massive productivity gains to be had by using our solutions.

Property Management

Does your HOA or property management company pack records in a physical warehouse? Stop wasting valuable time hunting for copies of contracts or paying a massive records storage bill every month. From vendor invoices to property maintenance records, we can help your property management company streamline office processes using the right document management solutions.

Accounts Payable

From paper invoices to copies of checks, not only does the accounts payable department rely heavily on information, but late payment fees and missed early payment discounts means that your bottom line can suffer. Stop digging through boxes of invoices or manila folders, we have accounts payable solutions that will help your entire department gain secure access to the document they need.

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