Legal compliance with the utmost confidentiality, care, and security

How it Works with Legal

Law firms and their clients have a barrage of legal compliance to manage, and comply with as legal documents require the utmost confidentiality, care, and security. We’ve helped many law firms and can to partner with your organization to eliminate records management cost completely.

With ArchiveIT on your side, file management can give you an edge that would include better client service, instant document search-ability, and “best practice” security.

Document Scanning

Documents are picked up, scanned, shredded, or recycled per customer request. All scanning and shredding is done in Compliance.

Box Storage

Retention level compliance and departmental segregation. Only store what you need for how long you need it by department level.

Remote Access to Files

Files are stored in a compliant document management system. You can access all your files remotely within minutes of them being uploaded.

If you’re  law off is still using paper file systems, you’re probably not managing legal documents in the most efficient manner. Paper file storage takes up valuable office space, and the process of handling paper wastes valuable time. There’s also the issue of data security, which is less than ideal in a paper-based office setting.  Fortunately, there is a cost-effective file cabinet alternative that can streamline and simplify your entire document process.


The average file cabinet in a legal office contains over 20,000 documents, each one important and highly confidential. Most law firms and legal departments suffer from data overload. Papercast acts as a file cabinet alternative and leverages AI and machine learning to bring you next generation file and search.

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